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The principles that made this nation a great and powerful leader of the world have not lost their meaning. They never will. We know we can bring this country back. I'm Mitt Romney. I believe in America. And I'm running for president of the United States.

Nothing else so destroys the power to stand alone as the habit of leaning upon others. If you lean you will never be strong or original. Stand alone or bury your ambition to be somebody in the world.

I would rather excel in the knowledge of what is excellent than in the extent of my power and possessions.

As regards the individual nature woman is defective and misbegotten for the active power of the male seed tends to the production of a perfect likeness in the masculine sex, while the production of a woman comes from defect in the active power.

I often say of George Washington that he was one of the few in the whole history of the world who was not carried away by power.

Since Castro took power the Cuban people have been denied basic human freedoms. No freedom of religion no freedom of the press no political freedom. And the regime uses brutality and violence to suppress these freedoms and impose its will.

There is only one thing for us to do and that is to do our level best right where we are every day of our lives, To use our best judgment and then to trust the rest to that Power which holds the forces of the universe in his hands.

The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers.

Happiness is beneficial for the body but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind.

Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size.

Albert Einstein, when asked what he considered to be the most powerful force in the universe, answered: Compound interest! What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want.

Nothing else in the world... not all the armies... is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

I found that the more truthful and vulnerable I was the more empowering it was for me.

Power gravitates to the man who knows how.

Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption or both.

The artist must be in his work as God is in creation invisible and all-powerful, one must sense him everywhere but never see him.

I am not one of those who neglect the reigning power to bow to the rising sun.

What is black empowerment when it seems to benefit not the vast majority but an elite that tends to be recycled?

Our sense of power is more vivid when we break a man's spirit than when we win his heart.

If you incline towards God the passions that enslaves you will be rendered powerless.


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