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Perpetual devotion to what a man calls his business is only to be sustained by perpetual neglect of many other things.

You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.

Microsoft has had two goals in the last 10 years. One was to copy the Mac and the other was to copy Lotus' success in the spreadsheet - basically the applications business. And over the course of the last 10 years Microsoft accomplished both of those goals. And now they are completely lost.

You need an outstanding manager - you can define that in many ways... but you are looking for the best player out there. We are looking for the best player in this kind of business in the world.

You know out-of-touch liberals like Barack Obama say they want a strong economy but in everything they do they show they don't like business very much. But the economy of course is simply the product of all the businesses of the nation added together. So it's a bit like saying you like an omelet but you don't like eggs.

I think I'm in a business where you have to look good and it's totally youth-oriented.

Modern poets talk against business poor things but all of us write for money. Beginners are subjected to trial by market.

Business is the salt of life.

The two worst strategic mistakes to make are acting prematurely and letting an opportunity slip, to avoid this the warrior treats each situation as if it were unique and never resorts to formulae recipes or other people's opinions.

Men of age object too much, consult too long, adventure too little, repent too soon, and seldom drive business home to the full period, but content themselves with a mediocrity of success.

The ideal business is one that earns very high returns on capital and that keeps using lots of capital at those high returns. That becomes a compounding machine.

Vulgar and obscene the papers run rumors daily about people in show business tales of wicked ways and witless affairs.

Every young man would do well to remember that all successful business stands on the foundation of morality.

Business underlies everything in our national life including our spiritual life. Witness the fact that in the Lord's Prayer the first petition is for daily bread. No one can worship God or love his neighbor on an empty stomach.

In this business by the time you realize you're in trouble it's too late to save yourself. Unless you're running scared all the time you're gone.

I think that there is nothing not even crime more opposed to poetry to philosophy ay to life itself than this incessant business.

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

If a man's character is to be abused there's nobody like a relative to do the business.

Freedom. Freedom of religion. Freedom to speak their mind. Freedom to build a life. And yes freedom to build a business. With their own hands. This is the essence of the American experience.

If borrowing and spending all this money led to more jobs, than we would be at full employment already.

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