History does nothing, it does not possess immense riches it does not fight battles. It is men real Karl Marx Quotes
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History does nothing, it does not possess immense riches, it does not fight battles. It is men real living who do all this.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) was a Prussian-born philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist. Marx spent much of his life in London, England, where he continued to develop his thought in collaboration with German thinker Friedrich Engels and published various works, the most well-known being the 1848 pamphlet The Communist Manifesto. 

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History repeats itself first as tragedy second as farce.
Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the laborer unless under compulsion from soc
Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex.
Experience praises the most happy the one who made the most people happy.

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