Love Messages - I Love You Messages

Surprise your loved one and remind them of your love with a beautiful I I Love You message from our collection.

I don’t need money and exquisite jewelry to be happy, the fact that you love me makes me happy. Know that I love you too, sweetheart.

No matter how much I say I love you, I always love you more than that. Love you, love you, love you!

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to love you?

You are my life, my happiness, my joy, my love, my life, my dreams, my everything. Luv you!

Loving you looks like magic, because I see nobody else but you. I luv u so much!

I love you much more than there are miles between us.

I love you! I love you more than much!


I love you like a flower loves the rain.

I love you, my everything.

I love you more then I love Netflix! And that’s a lot.

Words cannot describe how much I love U. But numbers can - 7/10.

I will keep loving you till the end of my life. I love you, I really love you!

I am in love with you so much that my ears couldn’t resist to anything you say, and all I want is to be with you.

My biggest reward is to see you smile, to know that you are happy. I love U, my love.

If I told you I love you, would you run away, or would you run to me?

You are the light in the dark, the sun after the rain, the shelter in the storm. Nobody can love you as much as I love you.

I love you as much as I love sleeping. And that is a lot!

You drive me crazy, but still, I love you. In fact, you are everything I want.

My love, you brighten up my day with your smile, it always takes my breath away. I love that I love you!

I think of you eight days a week, 25 hours a day! I am all about you! I love you the most in the whole world!

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