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Happy birthday to the only person I would rescue in the event of a zombie apocalypse! 

Happy birthday to the new wrinkle on your face! Cheers!

Happy birthday! Like wine, we get better with age. Or rather, we feel better about our age with lots of wine!

You are not as wealthy as you thought you'd be by this age, and on top of that you're old! Still - Have a very happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Don't forget to smile while you still have teeth!

Happy birthday to a person who is pretty, charming and smart, and reminds me a lot of myself!

Another year older and still as sexy as ever! Happy birthday!

At least you are not as old as you will be next year. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a man who is like the little sister I never had!

Happy birthday! Don't forget: Age is just a number as jail is just a room!

Another year, another new part of your body that aches. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! Here is to another year of terrible decisions and reckless abandon!

It’s my birthday! You may now proceed with the gift giving.

Happy Birthday from me to I! It’s time to party because I’m superfly!

So, you are still younger than the age you will be on the next birthday. Have a special celebration.

Shopping anything for your special day is always hard, so lets do it together today.

Remember all the times you said you wanted to lose weight Yeah… tough luck, prepare to stuff your face with birthday cake! Happy birthday my friend!

People often say that time is the best healer though it’s also true that time is a dreadful beautician too. Have a wonderful day.

On your special day, I wish you peace, love, insight, relaxation, fun, knowledge, romance, friendship… and all that stuff that doesn’t cost anything.

Old enough to know better… young enough to still do it.

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