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I hope you enjoy sweet dreams tonight, my dear. Good night to you, good night to me.

Tonight you rule your little bedroom. Tomorrow, the world will be yours to rule as you please. Good night to you.

Tonight is a good night. Millions of stars twinkling in the vast skies, but there is only one that is dear to me. Sweet dreams, my love.

If you're having trouble falling asleep, focus on the deep love we share. May it fill your mind with peace, joy, and sweet dreams. Good night!

Wishing you sweet dreams and a very good night.

It was a great night tonight. Wishing you sweet dreams, my dearest.

Good night and sweet dreams to the best wife ever! Miss you, dear.

Wishing you a good night and sweetest of dreams.

Good night everyone. While you’re heading to work I’m heading to bed.


Good night and sweet dreams, my love.

You are brave and strong in so many ways, as you will be tomorrow. Good night and good luck!

Damn, wish you were here right now. Can’t wait for the night to go away so I can see you tomorrow. Good night.

I hope you sleep well. I just read a beautiful book that made me think about you... I just can’t get you out of my mind.

Sleep tight Sexy! I can’t wait for our date.

Good night and get some rest! By the way, you looked very beautiful today. Still have the image of you in my mind.

If I was there you would find out what it really means to be cozy under the covers... Sweet dreams.

Still working away, but I wanted to take a break to say good night to the most handsome guy ever! Sweet dreams.

I’ll dream about you if you dream about me. Deal? 

You’re in my 4 AM thoughts. Sweet dreams, beautiful.

Ugh, I have a problem... I can’t stop thinking about you. Good night, handsome.

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