Tom Stoppard

Tom Stoppard

Sir Tom Stoppard (3 July 1937) is a Czech-born British playwright and screenwriter, knighted in 1997. He has written prolifically for TV, radio, film and stage, finding prominence with plays such as Arcadia, The Coast of Utopia, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, Professional Foul, The Real Thing, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. 

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A healthy attitude is contagious, but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.

Beauty is desired in order that it may be befouled, not for its own sake but for the joy brought by the certainty of profaning it.

I've seldom minded other people's opinions but the other side of that coin is that I've seldom been interested by them um their opinions about me I mean.

Every exit is an entry somewhere else.

It's not the voting that's democracy, it's the counting.

Good things when short are twice as good.

It's better to be quotable than to be honest.

The fact is I loved being English. I was very happy to be turned into an English schoolboy.

It is better to be quotable than to be honest.

Get me inside any boardroom and I'll get any decision I want.

I read for interest and enjoyment and when I cease to enjoy it I stop.

I don't keep a diary and I throw away nearly all the paper I might have kept. I don't keep an archive. There's something worrying about my make-up that I try to leave no trace of myself apart from my plays.

I'm attracted to the past.

The days of the digital watch are numbered.

Life is a gamble at terrible odds - if it was a bet you wouldn't take it.

I burn with no causes.

I never had any frustration about writing uncredited. I always felt that the satisfaction of doing it was in the doing of it really and getting recognised by the small number of people that know what you did.

I write plays because writing dialogue is the only respectable way of contradicting yourself. I put a position rebut it refute the rebuttal and rebut the refutation.

A movie camera is like having someone you have a crush on watching you from afar - you pretend it's not there.

I'm so grateful to grab hold of something that wants to be a play. It doesn't happen very often. I don't have unwritten plays waiting for their turn.

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